Milano Fashion Center

abril 23, 2021


Hi loves! How are you?

Let's go to the second build of the month, here from Patreon. As you know, the construction theme of the month is Milan, one of the big cities in Italy. You know, shopping at the Quadrilátero Da Moda in Milan is one of the things that tourists love when they visit this iconic city. So I hope you like my re-reading of this little piece of Milan. Kisses and until the next build.


Contains: 1 Chanel store - 1 Hugo Boss store - 1 Fendi store - 1 Tiffany & Co store - 1 Grain coffee house.

Lot size: 64/64 (can be used on any lot that has that size.)  

File size: 790 mb

Expansions and used: Everything a little hehe.  

   👉 Download Patreon: HERE

CREDITS: I would like to wholeheartedly thank all the creators of personalized   
content, who with great care and dedication create beautiful things,  so that we   
SIMMERS express all our creativity. My sincere thanks



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