Milan Apartment

abril 08, 2021

Hello loves! Welcome to the buildings for the month of April. And as this month's theme will be Milan, I present to you Milan Apartment. A perfect and very well decorated apartment, so that your family can enjoy all the luxury of having many simoleons. I hope you like it and kisses.

- Contains: 1 entrance hall - 1 living room - 1 dining room - 1 tv room with home office - 1 suite with dressing room and bathroom - 1 kitchen - 1 children's room - 1 social bathroom - 1 private pool.
- Used packages and expansions: A little of each package and expansion...
- Filesize: 600 mb

                                                               Download Patreon: Here x

CREDITS: I would like to wholeheartedly thank all the creators of personalized   
content, who with great care and dedication create beautiful things,  so that we   
SIMMERS express all our creativity. My sincere thanks.


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